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SCARAB Sewage Systems

The internationally recognized leaders in the field of sewage treatment package plant technology. Owners of the multiple award winning products

"treat your waste water to a Scarab system"

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Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Scarab best wastewater treatment company in South Africa.

Leading Wastewater Treatment Solutions

The Scarab team is delighted to accept the South African Prestige awards 2021/2022 in the category of Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions. Our sewage systems have caught the beady eye of the judges, who have recognized our efforts to bring a unique technology into an industry, that is highly effective, yet simple.
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Scarab wastewater treatment systems

Scarab - Domestic wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment Systems - South Africa. The SCARAB team designs and installs domestic sewage treatment plants. The brand was first marketed in mid 2001, and a major investment and research program was initiated, resulting, finally, in the first prototype. This new design was installed in mid 2002.

This sewage system proved to be very effective and reliable and is still operational to this day. Scarab References here.
Domestic Wastewater Treatment Package Plants since 2001

Scarab Wastewater Package Plants

Scarab Sewage Treatment Plants are the most advanced, yet simple design on the market. Already been tested in both rural and peri-urban areas throughout South Africa since 2001, it's found to be rugged, reliable, simple to maintain / operate, and trouble free.

We supply wastewater treatment systems to mines, schools, clinics, eco-estates, camping sites, game lodges and housing estates. Some of our clients include;
  • DeBeers - Namibia
  • Water Africa - Botswana
  • First Quantum Minerals - Zambia
  • Concor - Msikaba Bridge
  • Verloren - Limpopo - 40 systems
  • Lake Leslie, Queensland Au (see Oz references)
  • St Peters Ironbark College - Queensland (See reference here)
  • WBHO - Mozambique
  • 13 KZN clinics - see (right here)
  • and many, many more
Multiple awards and referrals in recognition of our technology and dedication from local and international sources provide us with a reputation we offer to you.  We can proudly claim that our brand is the most recognized wastewater treatment package plants brand worldwide.

Green & Unique

Scarab is the only known domestic wastewater system that has achieved compliance (general standards) within seven working days. Water quality is clear and odourless, and great for garden irrigation, dust suppression, water features and re-flushing toilets.

These irrigated areas remain green the whole year through. Our systems will add environmental value to your property.  Recycle your wastewater and benefit.

Easy to Maintain

Our domestic sewage treatment plants require no shut down to service and repair aeration equipment. There are no moving / serviceable parts in the bioreactors. Due to the highly effective aeration system, the bottom of the tank is constantly 'swept' and from this point, de-sludging is an easy task. Many other systems will choke up, and often would need to be replaced - giving a service life of less than 5 years. Provided the system is shielded from the sun, a our system could last 25+ years.
Who you choose to supply you a rugged, reliable, tested and endorsed, multiple award winning, internationally recognized, passionately crafted, eco-friendly sewage treatment package plant, is your choice.

Simply Compliant

Even though Scarab package plants requires no post-treatment clarifier, it still achieves compliance. This is achieved by incorporating our unique aeration design that offers an extended bubble path-length, so that oxygen stays in the water for much longer. This means that our aeration is super efficient, allowing the biological system more time to consume the "food" in the water, without being deprived of oxygen. In many cases, other systems can only offer standard aeration i.e  from bottom to the top water level, and should increased aeration be required, the added bubbles create excessive turbulence. The biological process becomes unsettled and water quality deteriorates.  We can increase aeration without added turbulence.

Scarab Package Plants

Scarab Domestic wastewater package plants in South Africa

Sewage Treatment Systems

Sewage treatment systems in South Africa

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants for wastewater

Sewage Package Plants

Wastewater Package plants

Scarab Integrity

The integrity of the people behind the Scarab brand, reflects the care taken with each system,

not only in the unsurpassed quality of materials, attention to detail of the design,

manufacture and installation, but that the same attention is given to the quality of the final effluent.

To Scarab's many satisfied clients, this ultimate test offers peace of mind,

and proudly acknowledges that they have accepted the best environmental solution.
Scarab Sewage treatment Systems

South Africa Sewage Treatment Systems

Sewage Treatment Systems in South Africa
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